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Power plant

In the 1970s, Europe entered the era of electric power revolution. As the demand for electricity increased, people began to propose the idea of establishing a power production center. With the development of motor manufacturing technology, the expansion of the application of electric energy, and the rapid growth of production demand for electricity, power plants have emerged.

Power plant

Today's power plants have a variety of power generation routes: thermal power plants that rely on thermal power generation, hydropower plants that rely on hydropower, and power plants that rely on solar energy (photovoltaic) and wind and tidal power. Nuclear power plants with nuclear fuel as an energy source have played an increasingly important role in many countries around the world.

For power plant, all these heat exchange equipment are required to be installed in a very limited space, and also needs high heat exchange efficiency , small floor space, convenient cleaning and maintenance, and these are exactly what the characteristics of the plate heat exchanger can provide.

From the selection design to the manufacturing, our plate heat exchanger follows the principle of scientific optimization, ensuring the high heat exchange efficiency , stable operation and long service life, and our product can meet all the requirements that comes from the power plant.