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Food industry

The food manufacturing process includes washing, cooking, concentration, sterilization, and moisturizing storage. And the process is mainly heating and cooling repeatedly. Water added during dilution, and heating is required for concentration. In order to prevent deterioration of quality during the storage and processing of raw materials, cooling is required.

Food industry

In the circulation process, there are not only normal temperature circulation, but also low temperature circulation. Heating energy and water are indispensable resources.

Foods are made up of organic matter. Because they are processed by animals and plants, they are not expected to be placed naturally during storage and circulation.

Our plate heat exchanger adopts advanced production technology and is designed according to customers' different working conditions. It is widely used in sugar manufacturing process, dairy product process, beer manufacturing process, cold food industry, juice and soy milk beverage. It has outstanding performance in heating, cooling, sterilization, sterilization cooling, ultra-high temperature sterilization and heat recovery.

We can assure sanitary plate heat exchanger through adopting food grade gasket and plate raw material.