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Pharmaceutical industry

Due to the ageing of the population, corresponding increase of chronic diseases and the preferential policies of the Chinese government, the scale of the Chinese pharmaceutical market has expanded rapidly, and factories have made considerable progress.

Pharmaceutical industry

The pharmaceutical factory uses plate heat exchangers to save energy and reduce emissions, which can respond to national calls and save costs. Our plate heat exchanger realizes two processes of heating and cooling, in the heat recovery of the heat treatment industrial continuous system. It reduces heating steam and cooling power, and controls the thermal decomposition of the product by shortening the heating and cooling time, thereby realizing the characteristics of economic operation. .

Our plate heat exchanger is installed on the condensed water pipe to recover heat energy from the steam condensed water, and hot water is generated, which can greatly reduce the steam supply heat.

Our plate heat exchanger performs heat recovery of the distillation column by the generation of negative pressure steam, and heat recovery by means of negative pressure steam in the distillation column condenser, which can reduce the steam supply heat. Our plate heat exchanger also recovers the heat of the distillation tower by generating hot water, recovers the condensation heat of the distillation column, and heats the boiler feed water, which can reduce the oil heating amount and the cooling tower power consumption.