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Characteristics and precautions of plate heat exchangers for sulfuric acid production

2021-04-13 01:06:00 

We all know that sulfuric acid is one of the important chemical raw materials, and it is a very important product in the chemical industry. Sulfuric acid has a wide range of uses. There will be cooling during the production of sulfuric acid. The plate heat exchanger for sulfuric acid production can play a very good cooling role. Today, I will introduce its characteristics and precautions.

plate heat exchangers for sulfuric acid production

In the purification process of sulfuric acid, power wave scrubbers, cooling towers, fiber demisters and plate heat exchangersfor sulfuric acid production are used. The process gas from the heat exchanger flows downward in the power wave scrubber, and the circulating acid is sprayed upward. The two together form a foam zone. The cooling of the gas is accomplished by evaporating the gas in the dilute acid. . The material used in the rear part of the power wave scrubber is FRP. However, when the first-level equipment has a bad working condition, after the high temperature process gas enters the rear equipment, it will cause the equipment to melt, and in serious cases, it will cause a fire. Therefore, in the design, a reasonable design plan must be determined for this situation to avoid this situation.

The advantage of the plate heat exchanger for sulfuric acid production is that it occupies a relatively small area and has a relatively compact structure. The heat exchange area can be changed as needed, and it is easier to clean and has relatively small heat loss. When using any equipment, we must first understand the use characteristics and precautions of the equipment, so as to make the equipment more effective. Meet the needs of production to create more value.

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