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Commonly Used Maintenance Methods for Plate and Shell Heat Exchangers

2020-06-30 06:28:00 

As we all know,the plate and shell heat exchanger because of its multi-process configuration and multi-takeover mode,is used in many industries, understand the common plate and shell heat exchanger maintenance method, to maintain a high heat transfer efficiency, maintain equipment performance and stability, to extend the service life of equipment.

The common maintenance method for plate and shell heat exchanger is regular testing and regular cleaning of the plate pack. The premise of regular maintenance is that if the equipment needs to be disassembled, it must be disassembled correctly according to the manufacturer's instructions.

Detection is mainly to detect the presence of corrosion, leakage, obstruction occurs, these small is to affect the efficiency of heat transfer, large is to affect production The conduct of the test can even cause safety issues, so regular testing is necessary and often should be implemented. Another advantage of regular testing is that if a problem is found, it can be repaired in time to avoid further problems and to stop the problem in its tracks. A little goes a long way when it's in the bud.

Used Maintenance Methods for Plate and Shell Heat Exchangers

Regular cleaning of the plate packis one of the most important ways to keep the heat transfer coefficient high and maintain heat transfer efficiency. There are two methods, one is the chemical cleaning method, which does not require the removal of the heat exchanger casing, as long as the chemical solution is allowed to circulate through the surface of the plate, and the Dirt and other discharge equipment outside, the second is to disassemble the heat exchanger, the plate packout of the whole soak or reverse rinse, can be impurities, scaling Clean. If it is more hard or difficult to remove the scaling or impurities can be a combination of the two.

Commonly used plate and shell heat exchanger maintenance method is the above, these are more common and more effective way. Regular maintenance can be maintained to maintain efficient heat transfer efficiency, as well as to extend the service life, but also reminded that in the regular testing process If you find a problem that you haven't encountered or can't solve, you must contact the manufacturer in time, and never disassemble it at your own initiative.

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