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Corrugation, strength and stiffness of plate heat exchanger plates

2020-06-02 07:03:00 

As a manufacturer of plate heat exchangers, we also have more than ten years of experience in the production of plate, both in terms of the corrugated design, strength and stiffness of the plate, our products are very good performance.

Each plate has a different ripple design, the design of each manufacturer of heat exchanger is also different, the main role of plate heat exchanger plate ripple is:

1. artificial infusion.

2. Reinforce the rigidity of the plate, after the plate bundle compression, the formation of a large number of metal contacts to withstand the work. Work pressure;

3.Expand the heat transfer area.

In addition to thermal performance, plate heat exchangers are subjected to pressures of 2.0 MPa or greater, which, in addition to gasket sealing issues, can result in considerable uneven loading across plate sections in the presence of fluid on only one side. Therefore, in addition to considering the heat transfer characteristics to determine the corrugated surface, the design of the plate corrugation must also ensure that the correct flow gap between the plates can be maintained at the maximum pressure difference.


The strength and stiffness of the plate heat exchanger plateis a key factor in determining service life and heat transfer efficiency, and the strength and stiffness of the corrugated platedepends mainly on.

1.The load at the corrugated contact between two adjacent plates;

2.Stress and dislocation within the corrugated plate;

3.The performance of the material to be pressed, including the effect of temperature on the strength of the corresponding part:

4. Plate thickness, which is also an important factor in cost;

5. Corrugated contact rate of the plate, i.e. plateaccuracy.

Qingdao RuiputeHeat Transfer Equipment Manufacturing Co., Ltd.'s plate corrugations are designed from years of experiments and actual use tests, the corrugations are mainly herringbone shape, horizontal vertical corrugation combination, wide gap corrugations, etc.

A large press is used, and a CNC machining center periodically modifies the mold to maintain the accuracy of the plate. The plates are filled with contacts, support each other, have high strength and uniform stress distribution.

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