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Differences between plate and shell heat exchangers and brazed heat exchangers

2020-05-06 01:04:00 


brazed heat exchanger

Process Adopt all welding process, good overall sealing performance, can withstand high temperature and high pressure Using copper brazing, subject to high temperature and high pressure stress and vibration, easy to desolder, resulting in leakage
Application Because of the good performance of the fully enclosed seal, its application range and adaptability to various media are particularly strong During the heat transfer process of the internal medium, copper will be directly contacted. It is well known that copper has poor corrosion resistance, which leads to a narrow application area for brazed heat exchangers.
Efficiency The board spacing is large, which can reach 3.5 ~ 6mm, and the medium circulates inside is relatively difficult to block The board spacing is only 2.2 ~ 4mm, which is more likely to be blocked to a certain extent, affecting the heat exchange efficiency
Clean Can be detachable, so it is easy to clean and easy to overhaul It is a whole and cannot be disassembled, so if it is scaled, it cannot be cleaned.

Both plate and shell heat exchangers and brazed heat exchangers are two types of heat exchangers that are widely used, so how do they compare? Today I will introduce it in detail so that everyone can have a clear understanding and understanding, which will also be helpful for future choices.

In comparison, the advantage of the plate and shell heat exchanger is more prominent, which is why it is more and more widely used. It has high overall sealing performance, high safety performance, high temperature and high pressure resistance, and can find the most economical and reasonable configuration for different media and working conditions.

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