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Heat station supporting plate heat exchanger installation is a technical work, these points should be noted

2021-12-10 08:41:00 

Heat station supporting plate heat exchanger production completed need to be transported to the heat station for installation, many people will think that the installation is a very simple thing, in fact, it is not, the installation is also a technical work, there are also some matters needing attention, today to introduce exactly what places need to pay attention to.

One: is about lifting technical requirements; in lifting the heat station supporting plate heat exchanger should be ready to all the rigging, the equipment to tie, pay attention to the center of gravity of the equipment to ensure that the equipment is balanced and stable landing. Two: attention should be paid to the device size bias; the size of the heat exchanger equipment components should be biased to meet the requirements of the specifications.

Heat station supporting plate heat exchanger

Three: the requirements for the frame foot; after the equipment is smoothly placed in the designated position, the frame angle should be fixed and the bolts should be tightened. Four: the tightening of each bolt; check all the bolts on the equipment to see if there is any loose situation, if there is loose, tighten them in time. Five: the installation of pipeline need to pay attention to; must be installed in the pipeline valve, thermometer, pressure gauge, in the outlet also installed exhaust valve. If the maximum export pressure may exceed the maximum use pressure of the heat exchanger, should also be installed at the import pressure reducing valve and safety valve.

The above is the technical requirements for the installation of the heat station supporting plate heat exchanger, if you do not understand, you can always contact us. We have professional technical personnel to provide guidance for you. Qingdao REAPTER has a team of 20-year senior engineers with rich design and manufacturing experience in chemical, refrigeration, food, pharmaceutical and other industries, and familiar with the operating conditions of a variety of processes.

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