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People who from the PHE gasket production line is the vital ones to good quality product

2020-05-26 07:34:00 

The manufacturing industry of plate heat exchanger has entered the era of industry 4.0, which has improved the intelligence level of the manufacturing industry. Many people are afraid that intelligent machines will replace people on the production line, resulting in unemployment and thus resisting intelligent machines.

Plate heat exchanger manufacturing now into the industrial age 4.0, improve the intelligent level of the manufacturing industry, there are a lot of people are afraid of worry about intelligent machines will replace people cause unemployment in the status of the production line which will resist the entry of intelligent machines, the society was in fact a evolution process, and those who do not progress will eventually be replaced, is machine instead of just in time.

But a lot of link people or can not be replaced, in the heat exchanger industry, these people will always "walk" in the forefront of the machine, they are the company's research and development technicians. Leading enterprises in heat exchanger industry, such as alfa laval and GEA, all have their own R&D technical teams and laboratories, which is the core competitiveness of the company to maintain the forefront of the industry.But now the domestic heat exchanger companies can do technology research and development capabilities are few and far between, can regularly carry out technical upgrading and transformation is very few, just according to the big brand company's products to make a plate heat exchanger quality can be guaranteed?

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It technology research and development personnel in the production of each link are essential, as the technology research and development of the Qingdao Ruipute team they are deep in the industry for nearly 20 years, in the selection of link their mind there are thousands of operating conditions correspond to a variety of solutions, coupled with the use of Alfa Laval original type selection software put forward the optimization scheme; Conduct at least three tests in the first, middle and later stages of production according to customer operation conditions to ensure stable product performance.

With more than 20 years of experience in research and development, quality system control in Europe and 13 years of quality assurance in foreign countries, this professional technical research and development team has grown up together with the industry. They have great confidence in the plate heat exchanger they produce. In the era of industry 4.0, the difference between man and machine will be infinitely great, and only down-to-earth efforts to keep up with the industry leaders will have good products to survive.

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