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Plate and shell heat exchangers on TCU devices

2020-05-28 06:05:00 

At present, many industries such as chemical industry, food and medicine need to heat or cool process water or media, requiring very accurate temperature control, so the TCU (temperature control unit) or automatic temperature control equipment is widely used in various industries, and the core component of TCU is the plate and shell heat exchanger.

TCU heat exchanger to be able to adapt to different media, height or low temperature and other working conditions, plate and shell heat exchanger can perfectly adapt to the TCU requirements of working conditions, its specific application is reflected in the following aspects.

1 The plate and shell heat exchanger does not use rubber sealing gaskets, full welding seal, can adapt to high and low temperature working conditions, the use of rubber temperature resistance is not limited.

plate and shell heat exchanger

2 Welded structure, the media only contact with the plate, can be applied to a variety of media.

3 The heat transfer part is plate structure, high heat transfer coefficient, small size, easy to skid.

4 plate, shell process is easy to be divided, can do multi-process to adapt to the requirements of large temperature differences.

5 The media with high requirements for cleanliness, can be made into all stainless steel structure, because of the light weight, the overall cost is low.

6 Shell structure can adapt to the requirements of evaporation and condensation conditions.

For the projects they are producing or developing, many of them can use plate and shell heat exchanger because of its easy to change the process, wide adaptation range and strong applicability.

Plate and shell heat exchangers are not only used in TCU equipment. Recently we were talking about a spent vapour recycling project, which is the full recycling of exhaust gases, which can save energy. Because of its relatively low price and small footprint, we can boldly predict that more projects will use our products in the future.

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