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Qingdao plate heat exchanger manufacturers share with you - the correct operation process of plate heat exchanger

2020-05-27 06:27:00 

Nowadays, Qingdao plate heat exchanger manufacturers produce heat exchangers in the same way, but the quality of each family really varies greatly. Standardized design and production makes the process more or less the same, so let's talk about the correct process today.

Qingdao plate heat exchanger manufacturer Qingdao Ruiputeheat exchanger equipment manufacturing company, the correct operation includes two parts, one is to drive, one is to stop, that is, the heat exchanger on the run, and off the run.


Plate heat exchanger driving notes.

1. When starting the heat exchanger again after the first start-up or after a long stoppage of operation, the plate bundle clamping dimensions shall be measured.

2. Before the operation of the equipment, the inlet valve of the hot and cold side media should be closed and the outlet valve should be opened; after starting, slowly open the inlet valve in front of the heat exchanger, so that the temperature and pressure on both sides rise slowly.

3. For the use of water vapor as a heating medium, in the heated medium into the heat exchanger and then pass into the steam.

4. When injecting fluid into the equipment, open the exhaust valve and close it after draining the air from the pipeline.

5. The first time you drive, the temperature should be slow.

6. Adjustments to any flow rate should be made slowly to avoid cold and thermal shock to the system.

According to the instructions of the heat exchanger import and export instrument, the flow rate of hot and cold media is regulated by the regulating valve, and stable operation after the process requirements. During use, the pressure and temperature parameters should be well recorded. When, after a period of use, the temperature and pressure are significantly inconsistent with the initial operation (reduced heat transfer capacity, increased pressure drop) should be cleaned.

plate heat exchanger

Plate heat exchanger stoping considerations.

lWhen the equipment stops running, first slowly close the hot media inlet valve, slowly close the cold media inlet valve, and finally close the hot and cold side media outlet valve. Valve closure should be gentle to prevent pressure shock.

lWhen the valve is closed, stop pump operation.

If you still don't understand, please refer to the manual that comes with the machine, if you still don't understand, please contact us directly.

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