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Qingdao Ruipute introduce you to the clean room using stainless steel plate heat exchanger how to maintenance

2020-09-04 01:38:00 

Stainless steel plate heat exchanger used in many industries, also used in the clean room, but when used in the clean room, and other industries, maintenance is different, Qingdao Ruiputeplate heat exchanger manufacturers for you to introduce the use of plate heat exchanger in the clean room maintenance.

Stainless steel plate heat exchanger is composed of high efficiency heat transfer corrugated plate and frame. Plate with high-quality corrosion-resistant sheet metal pressed from the four corners of the punch for the media in and out of the corner hole, the upper and lower hanging hole. The herringbone corrugated plate can increase the disturbance to the fluid and make the fluid reach the turbulent state at low speed to obtain high heat transfer effect, and adopt special structure to ensure that the two fluid media will not leak in series.

The plate heat exchanger in the air-conditioning host room is usually the scaling phenomenon on the hot side, which requires the design to take full consideration of the easy plugging of the plate heat exchanger and design appropriate valves and pipes to prepare for the sewage of the plate heat exchanger, and the sewage valve and the diameter of the sewage pipe are recommended to be DN100~DN150, which is a more effective design method.

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Normal operation of valve 1 and valve 3 for the open state, valve 2, valve 4 and valve 5 for the normally closed state. Pressure plate has the device on the external connection with the receiver. When the plate heat exchanger inlet and outlet water pressure is high, you can also use the pipe network pressure to backwash, the first plate heat exchanger corresponding to the first pump standstill operation (the other pump should inherit the operation to ensure that the pipe network water pressure), closed valve 1, open the sewage valve 2, and then the return valve 3 switch repeatedly on the plate heat exchanger to repeatedly flush the sewage, until the inlet and outlet water pressure difference is normal; when the pressure difference after the flush Still high, it is necessary to consider mechanical recoil, because the plate heat exchanger required flow proportional, impossible to use the end of the plate heat exchanger flushing pump for flushing, this time you can use the plate heat exchanger corresponding to a pump as a flushing pump, closed for often open, return water valve 1 and valve 3, open the sewage valve 2 and bypass valve 4, and then start the plate heat exchanger corresponding to a pump, slowly open the water supply Valve 2, while keeping an eye on the plate heat exchanger water pressure can not exceed the plate heat exchanger working pressure, so that the pump began to plate heat exchanger mechanical backwash, because of the proportion of water flushing, sewage pipe must be connected to the sewage well, while flushing before the requirements of the system expansion tank corresponds to the rapid refill valve open to ensure that the system water pressure, each time the flushing time should not be too long, 2min to 4min can be! The requirements are met by repeated flushing until the differential water pressure in and out of the plate heat exchanger returns to normal. Plate by the bolt clamped in the fixed pressure plate and flow pressure plate between the heat exchanger constitutes a lot of internal flow channels, between the plate and the plate with rubber seals.

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