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Reapter's unique and durable plate and shell heat exchanger plate pack structure

2020-04-29 01:36:00 

Qingdao Reapterplate and shell heat exchanger plate packis composed of two round herringbone plates welded together along the inner hole to form a plate pair, and the plate pairs are welded together along the circumference to form an oval plate packThe welding of the plate packis generallylaser welding or plasma welding.

qdreapter plate pack

The honeycomb flexible plate packstructure design can effectively resist thermal shock and pressure shock. The welding of round plates and rings is evenly distributed. The contact between many plates increases the pressure resistance. The plate packand the shell are not welded. Can withstand all kinds of thermal expansion, not easy to deform.

If the stress of the plate packis concentrated at the 4corner holes, leakage will easily occur. Qingdao Reapterplate heat exchanger is designed with evenly distributed plate packstress, which is not easy to leak.

In order to take care of the enterprises influenced by the coronavirus, reapter decided to give preferential treatment to customers who order now, and should want to buy ASAP.

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