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Sulfuric acid and other corrosive media for industrial plate heat exchanger requirements are what

2021-12-10 08:37:00 

With the continuous development of the sulfuric acid production industry, the demand for industrial plate heat exchangers used in the production process is also increasing, so do you know what issues should be noted in the design of heat exchange equipment for sulfuric acid?

We all know that sulfuric acid will show oxidizing and reducing properties as its concentration changes. Concentrated acid tends to be oxidizing, while dilute acid is reductive, and its corrosiveness increases with the temperature. Then the industrial plate heat exchanger in the selection of design has special requirements, that is, not only to have oxidation resistance but also have the dual characteristics of anti-reduction. Then the material suitable for this characteristic is Hastelloy, Hastelloy material plate in various concentrations of sulfuric acid, have good corrosion resistance, can be widely used in organic acids, and a certain concentration of hydrochloric acid, phosphoric acid, chloride and other media.

industrial plate heat exchanger
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