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The conditions for selecting a plate heat exchanger manufacturer are as follows

2020-12-09 03:20:00 

Before the National Day holiday, the number of shipments is increasing, and the workshop employees work overtime every day. In order to deliver the equipment to customers as soon as possible, more and more customers choose Qingdao Ripute plate heat exchanger.

The heat exchanger manufacturer is not only direct sales from the factory, there is no intermediary channel, and the price is affordable. We pay more attention to product details, reflecting our original intention of making plate heat exchangers. Among the peers, the same quality and lower prices!

plate heat exchanger

In addition to the raw materials and processing technology of the plates and rubber strips that we are concerned about, we are not paying much attention to the accessories in the procurement, and we also strive to do our best. According to different working conditions and different pressures, the thickness of the splint is varied.

The thickness can be selected, the splint is thicker, with good pressure resistance and no deformation; the bolts are galvanized, and the stainless steel sleeve is used, which has better corrosion resistance and longer service life; the plate adopts a five-point positioning system, whether from horizontal or vertical

It is easy to ensure the accurate positioning of the plate in the direction and avoid leakage caused by inaccurate positioning.

Why do more and more people choose Qingdao RPT plate heat exchanger? We pay attention to the details of product production to realize the value that the product itself can bring to customers.

We focus on service and improve customer satisfaction.

We pay attention to after-sales service, all products are guaranteed for one year, and the warranty is 2 hours for timely response, and regular return visits to customers.

Choosing Qingdao Ripute is not only the product itself, but also the honesty and peace of mind!

If you have a need for plate heat exchangers, please feel free to consult us!

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