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The pressure difference on both sides of the plate heat exchanger for seawater desalination is caused by these reasons

2020-12-25 01:34:00 

Plate heat exchangers have the advantages of small footprint and are widely used in various industries. At present, plate heat exchangers have also been widely used in the seawater desalination process and cooling water system of power plants, and have achieved excellent results.

However, various problems will inevitably occur during the plate exchange operation. For example, the pressure difference between the two sides of the plate heat exchanger for seawater desalination will not only cause low heat exchange effect, but also pose a serious threat to the safety of the unit.
Why do these factors appear when the equipment is in operation?

1. The equipment is blocked.
When the sediment content in the seawater is high, the pipeline is not completely purged after installation, or foreign matter enters the pipeline, the equipment flow channel is blocked, which reduces the cross-sectional area of the flow channel and increases the pressure drop value of the equipment.

2. There is a problem with the measuring instrument.
When there is a problem with the measuring instrument, the measured value will be deviated, resulting in a measurement error in the pressure difference

3. Affected by differences in physical parameters.
The temperature of the medium will affect the viscosity of the medium.
When the temperature of the medium decreases, its viscosity will increase, and the pressure drop will increase at the same flow rate.

seawater plate heat exchanger

4. The cross-sectional area of the runner changes.
The cross-sectional area of the flow channel of the plate is related to the corrugation depth, corrugation pitch and plate width.
The larger the cross-sectional area of the flow channel, the smaller the fluid velocity, the smaller the fluid resistance, and the smaller the pressure difference.

5. The size deviation of the plate corner hole.
When there is a deviation in the size of the corner hole of the plate, the flow resistance will change, and the pressure drop of the corner hole will deviate from the design value.

Therefore, whether it is a design problem or a use problem, all aspects of improperity will lead to pressure difference problems. In order to avoid such problems, not only should the installation and use, reasonable arrangement, but also ensure the accuracy during manufacturing to avoid these problems.

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