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What are the similarities and differences between plate and shell heat exchangers and plate heat exchangers?

2020-04-21 02:14:00 

As the country increases its advocacy on energy conservation and emission reduction policies, plate heat exchangers and plate and shell heat exchangers, as currently widely used products, have made great contributions to energy conservation, emission reduction and environmental protection. So, what are the similarities and differences between the plate heat exchanger and the plate and shell heat exchanger?

Similarities and differences between PHE and PSHE

Let me talk about it today:

Same They are all new types of heat exchange equipment, with high heat exchange efficiency, very small footprint, easy to remove and clean, and a great deal of energy saving. By changing the material of the plate, it can resist the corrosion medium.
Difference plate Stacked together;Exposed Welded together to form a plate pack;Plate in the shell
gasket Seal with gasket Plate packs are welded together without the need for gaskets
High temperature and pressure Tolerate More Tolerate
Fouling coefficient low lower

Whether it is a plate heat exchanger or a plate and shell heat exchanger,For customers who do not know which machine to buy, we can select and design for you according to your working conditions for free, until you are satisfied.
Of course, we can also provide free samples of plates and gasket for such customers

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