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Which one is better to replace the plate gasket of plate heat exchanger imported from Shandong?

2020-07-30 01:51:00 

Imported plate heat exchanger brands have been widely popularized and used in Shandong because of their early development advantages. However, with the improvement of the processing level and heat exchange technology of domestic plate heat exchange equipment, many heat exchange markets are already active

Domestic brands. Qingdao Ruipute only does different things

The more troublesome thing is that with the use of a large number of imported brands, there is a large demand for accessories such as plates and gaskets. Imported brand accessories are expensive, and how to choose domestic brand oils with stable quality has become another tricky

The problem.

The reason why Qingdao only makes a difference, but from the perspective of plate gaskets, there are many differences.

plate heat exchanger imported

For example, in terms of raw materials, we use international brands, while other manufacturers do not; in terms of technical management, we has introduced advanced European management systems and production processes, and the quality stability is needless to say; technical aspects,

Qingdao RPT has a team of engineers that can inspect and control any quality point of production, and can achieve the traceability of each plate gasket.

Shandong imported plate heat exchanger plate gaskets are replaced by us, with all models, sufficient materials, advanced technology and stable quality.

Not only domestic, but also international European and American buyers are also full of praise for the quality of our products.

If your equipment needs replacement parts, please come to us for consultation.

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