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Who says Chinese manufacturing isn't good? Analysis of the manufacture of plate and shell heat exchangers

2020-06-05 07:16:00 

Previously analyzed, there are many people who say that the gap between plate and shell heat exchanger and foreign brands is very small, and even has surpassed foreign countries, in fact, this is not objective, but it is undeniable that we have gradually approached with foreign countries in the level of production of manufacturing plate and shell heat exchanger.

plate heat exchanger First of all, it is a high efficiency, large heat transfer equipment, first of all in the petrochemical industryhas been applied, and later gradually replaced the low heat transfer efficiency, a large area of traditional heat transfer equipment.

Secondly, it draws on the advantages of plate and tube shell heat exchangers, which consist mainly of plate packs and pressure housings. The shell shape is cylindrical, the plate core is oblong shape or round, the manufacturing process is complex, welding is difficult, which is also the main factor limiting the development of domestic plate shell heat exchanger: the overall welding level is low.

The advantages of plate and shell heat exchanger (PSHE): mainly high heat transfer efficiency, compact structure, small dirt coefficient, good sealing performance, can be used in high and low temperature, high pressure working conditions. The structure can also be made detachable, easy to clean and maintain, the shell and plate can be designed as multi-process, its use is very wide.

After years of experience and practice, Qingdao Ruiputehas made great progress in the welding of plate harnesses and achieved a qualitative leap.

Domestic production of plate and shell heat exchanger both from the design of the selection, the manufacture of pressure shell, as well as the welding of the plate harness manufacturing, are gradually moving into the ranks of mature manufacturing, currently in the petrochemical, natural gas energy, food and beverage processing, textile industry, paper industry, power plants and other widely used.

From piecemeal assembly to mass production, Qingdao Ruiputeheat exchanger equipment production plate and shell heat exchanger development road only took 3years. We believe that in the near future, there will be more national brands to rise up, and we can proudly say that national brands really work!

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