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Without comparison there is no harm! Detachable plate heat exchanger is so much better than shell and tube heat exchanger:

2020-06-03 06:10:00 

One of the types of plate heat exchanger is detachableplate heat exchanger, which is much more efficient than the traditional shell and tube heat exchanger, mainly due to the turbulent flow of the medium in the plate ripple flow. Maintenance space is also reduced and costs are well controlled.

Overall, detachable plate heat exchangers are the best choice, the most cost effective and the most economical, as long as the operating temperature does not exceed 180° Cand the operating pressure does not exceed 27.5 bar.

phx and shell and tube heat exchanger

Now let us look at the comparison of the two:

Detachable plate heat exchanger

shell and tube heat exchanger


Inefficient and economically costly heat exchange

High heat exchange efficiency and low economic cost

Temperature difference(Min.)

3°C to 5°C



Need more space to pull the bundle out, which has to be done and the process is complicated

easy to disassemble, easy to install and easy to clean


Circular cross-sections and laminar flow causing large areas of fouling

Turbulent plate ripples and low scaling rate

Heat loss

Significant heat loss, need for insulation

No heat loss, no need for insulation

From the above, it can be seen that the detachable plate heat exchanger is completely crushed for the traditional shell and tube heat exchanger.

Society is evolving, times are advancing, and from a development perspective, what is set in stone does not exist. Traditional heat exchangers are also developing, towards smaller size, more efficient, more economical and environmentally friendly, with smaller temperature differences at the end, the detachable plate heat exchanger reflects all these characteristics. That's why it has such a wide range of applications.

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