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Look here to teach you the process of plate heat exchanger

2021-10-13 04:16:00 

In many cases the plate heat exchanger process distribution can be a single process or multi-flow, so how should it be distinguished, or how should it be selected?

For general equipment, when the volume flow of the two fluids are equal, the process should be made as equal as possible; if the difference between the two sides of the flow is large, the smaller side can be arranged in a variety of ways. In addition, when the temperature rise or temperature drop of a certain medium is large, you can also use multiple processes. Usually, the phase change side with phase change is one-way. Except for special needs, a multi-pass heat exchanger should normally use the same number of passes in each pass for the same fluid.

plate heat exchanger

For a specified total pressure drop, a multi-pass arrangement makes the pressure drop corresponding to each pass smaller, forcing the flow rate to decrease, which is not conducive to heat transfer. In addition, unequally spaced multi-pass arrangement is one of the important reasons for lowering the average heat transfer temperature difference and should be avoided as much as possible. In recent years, the equipment of asymmetric channels has complemented the traditional symmetric equipment in matching the two fluid flows, giving designers more options.

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