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The performance of imported liquid plate heat exchanger from these three aspects is correct

2020-06-28 02:03:00 

Liquid plate heat exchangers usually use liquid - poor to heat liquid – rich .Before being cooled, heat is transferred to the rich liquid to be heated for energy saving purposes. The lean liquid is then further cooled by water (groundwater or ice water).Similarly, if the rich liquid temperature does not reach the required temperature, then by the high temperature steam heating.This is related to the performance of the amine system and the factors of material selection.Whether the amine system cold exchange equipment leakage, in addition to the material, but also with the amine medium itself. High salinity in the system can lead to increased corrosion of equipment and pipelines, especiallyreboiler and rich and poor amine heat exchangers.liquid plate heat exchanger

When choosing plate heat exchanger should pay attention to these three aspects, one is the plate aspect should pay attention to the choice of raw materials, plate thickness, good corrosion resistance, sealing gaskets, the second is the main function of sealing gasket is to be sealed, it is to ensure that the medium is not seep, and amine liquid belongs to the special conditions of acid alkali, sealing strip and good corrosion resistance, so as to prolong the service life of the whole plate heat exchanger, the third is the technical investigation, the above two points is actually a company technical strength and the embodiment of the faith, plate, sealing gasket materials consistent with the international brand Gislaved Gummi precision beyond the national standard, and the international quality system.

Qingdao Ruipute adhering to the "greatvertuepractice earnestlykeep positive make new advantages" values, a simultaneous research and development and production, senior engineer team of 20 years of industry experience, Alfa Laval, GEA original selection software, huge technology supporting the company's good product, reduce the production line running cost, plate heat exchanger, hardware solutions to replace and plate, sealing gasket parts replacement, Qingdao put, fieldwork persuasion is more sufficient.

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