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The role of marine main engine wheel slip oil plate heat exchanger in ocean shipping is outstanding

2021-10-11 02:53:00 

Recently marine transportation kept on the hot search, the reason is still because of the epidemic, a large number of ships in foreign ports piled up, can not return normally caused by, I guess this will take some time to solve. Did you know that the ship's main engine wheel slip oil plate heat exchanger is an indispensable equipment for ocean-going vessels.

The ship's main engine, which can be divided into steam, internal combustion, nuclear and electric engines according to the nature of the fuel, the location of the combustion, the use of different substances, it is the main source of power for the ship. Its long time as well as efficient operation will have to use lubricating oil, and in this process its high temperature will trigger the aging, the consequences are unimaginable. Therefore, the marine host lubricant plate heat exchanger came into being, its main role is to maintain the lubricant in a constant temperature, only then can effectively protect the normal operation of the equipment, the power is sufficient, driving to have strength.

plate heat exchanger

Qingdao Ripert has more than 10 years of marine host lubricant plate heat exchanger production experience, in the domestic and foreign coastal areas have many customers. More than a decade by constantly improving the process and the use of raw materials in line with European standards, the production of equipment can now be stable and efficient operation, to meet the long-term use of navigation, if you have this need, you are welcome to click below to consult us.

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