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Waste heat recovery heat exchanger, there’re many reasons choosing Qingdao Ruipute

2020-07-01 11:10:00 

The production process of waste heat recovery heat exchanger is closely related to the energy conservation, emission reduction and environmental protection advocated by the state. Especially in The city of Qingdao, Qingdao ranks in the forefront of cities more suitable for human habitation in China. Heavy industry and tourism industry cannot have both. Positioned in the tourism industry, Qingdao needs fresh air, so it has high technological requirements in the production of heat exchangers.

Feicheng sea crystal salinization holding the manner which try to find Qingdao put, want a only one successful cases of the world's salt production line, plate type heat exchanger has been used before tube heat exchanger production line, brine purification fouling caused by high temperature, leakage and corrosion production line running cost is extremely high (in thermal efficiency is low, shutdown, etc.).

waste heat recovery heat exchanger

Ruipute Coordinates Qingdao, has been actively responding to the call of the state, energy-saving emission reduction, waste heat recovery as the guiding ideology, 20 years of industry experience of the engineer team continue to carry out technical research and development, in the field of special material heat exchanger has made certain achievements. After in-depth study of this working condition, the engineer team replaced the tube heat exchanger with plate heat exchanger, and replaced Ti palladium with titanium with titanium with higher technical requirements. In this way, the efficiency of waste heat recovery process was improved, and the previous heat exchange process of the production line was eliminated by burning boiler. Now the production line has been operating normally for more than 1,000 days and has saved more than 50 million yuan in all aspects.

Waste heat recovery heat exchanger, make sure that Qingdao has national policy support, regional advantages, and the joint efforts of the RESEARCH and development team.

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