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Where is the beauty of China plate heat exchangers?

2020-07-22 03:22:00 

As the application of China plate heat exchangers becomes more and more widespread, there are more and more domestic manufacturers of heat exchangers. Although heat exchangers are handicrafts, they also have the beauty of their craftsmanship. Then, how does RPT reflect the beauty of its craftsmanship?

What about?

For the heat exchanger equipment itself, the first thing you see should be its appearance, that is, the frame of the equipment. The frame is composed of many parts. The most important role of the frame is to clamp the plates and gaskets to ensure the equipment

China plate heat exchanger

1. Using flame cutting technology, the frame made in this way has precision cutting, smooth appearance, good verticality, and no thermal deformation.2Drilling and tapping of equipment We use the process equipment processed by CNC machine tools. The quality of each is uniform and can meet the requirements.3. In order to remove rust and oxidation thoroughly, we use shot blasting and sandblasting technology to process it into a uniform and smooth friction surface, and increase the adhesion of the paint during subsequent painting.4. We all know that the frame needs to be painted. The paint we use is specially customized. After the equipment is shot blasted, there are 6 baking paint processes. The paint has strong adhesion, thin and uniform paint, which can keep the equipment beautiful and not rusty for a long time.5. In order to avoid electrochemical corrosion caused by the contact between the plate (stainless steel) and the guide rod (carbon steel), and reduce the service life of the plate, the patented technology of our company is used-a special suspension structure: the contact part of the plate and the guide rod is made of stainless steelMaterial to extend the service life of the plate.

Although they are all frames, the beauty of rules and exquisite beauty of RPT is not something that every China heat exchanger manufacturer can achieve. If you purchase such a heat exchanger, you should also worry about the frame being painted, falling off,Are there any problems such as inaccurate machining accuracy, corrosion resistance, and pressure resistance?If the heat exchanger fails to meet this requirement, where is the beauty?

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