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Alfa Laval Plates

Alfa Laval Plates

Alfa Laval Plates

Unique split-flow design, even flow rate, removes the dead zone of flow velocity, avoids corrosion caused by dirt accumulation, and improves the utilization rate of heat exchange area of the plate.
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Technical Parameter
Plate Material
SS304,SS316L,Titanium, Titanium- palladium, Hastelloy - C276/G30, Nickel, 254SMO, SS904L 
Thickness0.4 -1mm 
Heat exchange area0.025 - 3.5 square meter

Product Feature 

1. Unique split-flow design, removes dead zone, avoids corrosion and utilization rate of heat exchange area.

2. Rich in plate type and single-side inlet and outlet connection design,easy to install.

3. Gaskets neatly along the rubber groove with long service life and convenient disassembly and assembly.

4. Innovative design provides high thermal efficiency, and contact points are evenly distributed.

5. Plates adopts classic five-point metal positioning system.

Product Display


  • M3M3
  • M6BM6B
  • M6MM6M
  • M10BM10B
  • M10MM10M


Product Model

M3 M15B AM10 M6MW P16 T2B
M6B M15M A10B M10BW P26 T5B
M6M M20M A15B MK15BW P36 T5M
TL6B T20B AM20B M20MW Clip6 T8B
TS6M T20P AM20 MA30BW Clip8 T8M
M10B T20S A20B MA30S Clip10 T50M
M10M TS20M MX25M MA30M Clip15
TL10B AK20 MX25B MA30 TL15B
TL10P M30 TL35B AX30B AQ80

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