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Sondex Plates

Sondex Plates

Using ultra-fine mesh numerical simulation technology combined with precise experimental measurement methods to make the plate flow and heat transfer performance superior.
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Technical Parameter 

Plate Material

SS304,SS316L,Titanium, Titanium- palladium, Hastelloy - C276/G30, Nickel, 254SMO, SS904L  

Thickness: 0.4 -1mm 

Heat exchange area: 0.025 - 3.5 square meter

Product Feature

1. Using ultra-fine mesh numerical simulation technology to make the plate flow and heat transfer performance superior.

2. Select different plate spacing ratio to get the best matching plate type, making heat exchangers run perfectly.

3. Unique corrugated and flow channel design enables the medium to generate strong turbulence.

4. Contact points formed between the chevron corrugated plates, so the pressure-bearing is high.

5. Sealing gasket "convex" section design, with large sealing force, not easy to leak, easy to install. 

6. Outer protrusion of the gaskets matched with groove on back of plates to avoid misalignment, 

7. Two seals type of gaskets prevent two medium mixing.

Product Display

  • S7AS7A
  • S14S14
  • S42S42
  • S43S43
  • S121S121
Product Model

SONDEX model
S4A S19A S37 S47 S86 SFD13
S8A S20A S41 S62 S100 SFD22
S7A S21 S41A S63 S110 SFD23
S9A S21A S42 S64 S113G SFD35
S14A S22 S43A S65 S121 SF123
S16B S31A S43 S81 S188 SF160

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