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Funke Plates

Funke Plates

Unique “Off-set” plate design, which can be combined into symmetrical or asymmetric flow channels to provide a more economical and reasonable heat exchanger.
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Technical Parameter

Plate Material:

SS304,SS316L,Titanium, Titanium- palladium, Hastelloy - C276/G30, Nickel, 254SMO, SS904L

Thickness: 0.4 -1mm

Heat exchange area: 0.025 - 3.5 square meter

Product Feature

1. Off-set design, combined into flow channels to provide economical and reasonable .

2. Plates have different corrugation angles, realize thermal mixing design, achieve the best match.

3. Adopting advanced fluid dynamics to evaluate the heat transfer capacity of the corresponding plate type.

4. Gaskets have a double sealing function can effectively prevent medium mixing. Easy to install ,clean and replace.

Product Model

FUNKE model
FP04 FP14 FP31 FP60 FP82
FP05 FP16 FP40 FP62 FP100
FP08 FP20 FP41 FP70 FP112
FP09 FP205 FP42 FP71 FP130
FP10 FP22 FP50 FP80 FP405
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