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APV Plates

APV Plates

Advanced high-efficiency split-flow guide area plate design, uniform medium flow rate and high heat transfer coefficient.
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Technical Parameter 

Plate Material

SS304,SS316L,Titanium, Titanium- palladium, Hastelloy - C276/G30, Nickel, 254SMO, SS904L 

Thickness: 0.4 -1mm 

Heat exchange area: 0.025 - 3.5 square meter

Product Feature

1. Advanced high-efficiency split-flow guide area design, to ensure high heat transfer coefficient.

2. Plates arranged closely, occupying small space, with smooth surface, high turbulence, small fouling.

3. Plates and gaskets are of various types and can be adapted according to different working conditions.

4. Gaskets are double sealed, with high sealiing performance and medium is not easy to mix and leak.

Product Display


  • H17H17
  • H17H17
  • H17H17
Product Model

APV model
T4 Q055E M107 R5 TR9GN B205
H12 Q055D M092 R8 TR9GL B158
H17 Q080E M060 R8GI SR6GL B134
N35 Q080D J060 R10 SR6AG B110
N25 A055 J092 R14 SR2(R2) B063
N50 A085 J107 TR9AL SR3 P190
A145 J185 TR9AV SR9 P105
Q030D K71 K55 K34

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