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Vicarb Plates

Vicarb Plates

Each plate has a different corrugation angle, which can be combined with different flow paths to achieve the best match between heat transfer performance, pressure drop and economical efficiency.
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Technical Parameter 

Plate Material: SS304,SS316L,Titanium, Titanium- palladium, Hastelloy - C276/G30, Nickel, 254SMO, SS904L Thickness: 0.4 -1mm 

Heat exchange area: 0.025 - 3.5 square meter

Product Feature

1. Advanced split-flow area is adopted, flow rate of the surface medium is uniform, overall efficiency can be improved.

2. Plates rich in patterns, gaskets have many materials, to provide a wide application range.

3.  High turbulence make sure high heat coefficient, and the heat exchange effect is obvious.

4. Special design of gaskest with rich elasticity, can resist high temperature and tough medium.

Product Display

  • V13V13
  • V13V13
  • V45V45
  • V60V60
Product Model

VICARB model
V2 V13 V28 V60 V110 V170
V4 V20 V45 V100 V130 V280

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