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Plates For Gasketed Plate Heat Exchanger

1. Raw materials of the plates include special materials such as Titanium purcahsed from the same foreign supplier with international brands Alfa Laval and GEA. The imported quality can ensure that the plates are thick enough and the elements are evenly distributed. The produced plates have stable performance and long service life.

2. The production process and management system used in the production workshop are consistent with international standards. Each plate produced has passed the European CE standard and ISO9001 quality management system testing. The processed plates have excellent performance and no defects.

3. Many large-scale press guides and worktables with imported hydraulic system and control system, high rigidity design, precise parallelism and flatness, operation technicians with many years of experience, plate pressing in place, and plate mold development capabilities , can reach international quality standards.

4. We have a high-speed precision milling machine, which can process and repair the plate mold by itself, so that the mold is always in a good state in line with international standards. Excellent engineers and operating technicians with decades of operating experience conduct inspections and operations.

5. There are many types of plates, each plate conforms to the original factory standards, and has advanced technical means. The material, processing performance, and quality standards of each plate are tested according to international quality standards to ensure that each plate meets international quality standards.

6. With advanced stretching and processing technology, it has served foreign customers for more than ten years. It has been widely praised and the repurchase rate has exceeded 90%. Each plate has its own traceability code, from the factory heat number and material list of raw materials to the process, delivery date, etc, can be all traced.

Plates material: SS304, SS316L, Titanium, Ti-Pd, Hastelloy-C276/G30, Nickel, 254SMO, SS904L.

Plates thickness: 0.4mm - 1.0mm

Gaskets material: NBR, EPDM, HNBR, HT-NBR, HEPDM, VITON/FKM, FDA sanitary

Hanging method: Glued, Hang on, Clip on, Snap in, Paraclip, Sonderlock.

*Other materials may be available on request.

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