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Food grade plate heat exchanger—Qingdao Ruipute

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Food grade plate heat exchanger—Qingdao Ruipute
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Our food-grade plate heat exchangers are manufactured with strict sanitary control, in accordance with food requirements, and are manufactured in accordance with FDA material processing. Food quality is a major event related to the national economy and people's livelihood, we also attach great importance to the production equipment, strictly in accordance with the norms to customize, high quality standards and strict requirements.


Product manufacturing materials.

Manufactured using food grade stainless steel materials that meet national standards and FDA requirements.

 food grade-plate heat exchanger

Product design implications.

By controlling the temperature of the medium to manufacture high efficiency plate heat exchanger, can improve the heat transfer efficiency of various industries with high hygiene requirements, improve energy efficiency, while the advantages of easy disassembly and cleaning also make maintenance and repair seem easy.


Product application scope.

It is mainly used in food processing, dairy manufacturing, beer and beverage manufacturing and other industries that have very strict sanitary requirements.


Qingdao Ruipute produces food-grade plate heat exchanger, in the whole process of research and development and experimentation, design and production are in accordance with the norms and requirements to achieve, because we attach great importance to the hygiene requirements of our customers. Food safety cannot be ignored, and we respond positively to national policies in this regard.

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