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Plate and shell heat exchanger for hydraulic oil, choose Ruipute brand right!

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Plate and shell heat exchanger for hydraulic oil, choose Ruipute brand right!
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Hydraulic oil is the key of hydraulic system, it plays the role of anti-wear, lubrication, anti-corrosion, antirust, etc. in the system. Plate and shell heat exchanger for hydraulic oil is frequently used in many industrial production, mainly in steel manufacturing, machinery manufacturing, and metallurgical industry, etc. It cannot be used in high temperature, so it is especially important for its cooling. It can not be used at high temperatures, so for its cooling is particularly important.

The working principle of the plate and shell heat exchanger for hydraulic oil is that the hot side hydraulic oil takes the plate course, and the circulating water takes the shell course, the two do not contact each other, and the counter-current realizes the heat exchange. Because of the high temperature and high pressure, the general gasket type heat exchanger is not applicable, so choose the plate and shell type.

Hydraulic oil plate and shell heat exchanger PSHE

In addition, it has many other features, such as compact structure and small space occupation. Because of the corrugated shape of the plate, the scaling comparison rate is relatively low, which will not affect the effect of heat transfer. It can realize multi-process configuration, which is more effective in heat transfer for some oil and steam conditions.

The plate and shell heat exchanger produced by Qingdao Ruipute can handle up to 2500m³/H, with a pressure of 100bar and a temperature resistance of 450 degrees, which is suitable for severe working conditions. In addition, the plates are made of a variety of materials, more special materials such as titanium and hastelloy, which have obvious advantages in welding, automated welding with high stability and high quality. Therefore, if there are owners of similar hydraulic oil heat transfer conditions, you can contact us oh.

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