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Plate heat exchanger has high cost performance and makes great contribution to waste heat recovery

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Plate heat exchanger has high cost performance and makes great contribution to waste heat recovery
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Waste heat recovery is one of the most important environmental protection measures advocated by the state in recent years. In a word, waste heat is the production line now in operation. The heat that is not properly designed and utilized in the original design can only be discharged into the atmosphere or underground pipelines, which not only causes environmental pollution but also wastes resources.In this process, plate-type heat exchanger stands out because of its high thermal efficiency, low requirement for temperature difference between hot and cold media, and high input-output ratio. It can recycle waste heat into secondary usable heat and use it in preheating conditions, which is favored by environmental protection enterprises.

According to the survey, the total waste heat resources of various industries account for about 17%~67% of the total fuel consumption, and the recyclable waste heat resources account for about 60% of the total waste heat resources.These waste heat medium (such as emissions of living hot water, hot water washing bath, process cooling water, high temperature flue gas waste heat and cooling medium heat, exhaust steam wastewater of waste heat, high temperature products and slag waste heat, waste heat of chemical reaction, combustible waste gas waste liquid and waste heat, etc.) listed so many, in general most is given priority to with water, steam, and the main plate heat exchanger is water - water, heat exchange between the water and steam.

plate heat exchanger

Rui put is located in Qingdao have strict control of air pollution, continuous provide the waste heat recovery solutions for industrial manufacturing enterprises, 20 years of industry experience team of engineers, constantly developing new technology, has two and factors: Qingdao university of science and technology laboratory, constantly improve the heat exchanger heat transfer technology, accumulated in the sugar industry, beer manufacturing, metallurgical industry, alcohol, oil, chemical and other industries have thousands of enterprises with different types of plate heat exchanger, plate, gasket, with companies such as sinopec, cnooc, Qingdao beer, WRC maintain good long-term cooperative relations, the cumulative decrease the production cost of billions.

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