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With all three points in mind, Ruipute leads you to the Alfa Laval of Chinese plate heat exchanger

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With all three points in mind, Ruipute leads you to the Alfa Laval of Chinese plate heat exchanger
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Have you found such a phenomenon that many customers do not specify the need for Alfa Laval's original factory board, rubber strip when the inquiry is to ask your home can do Alfa Laval's so-and-so model products...To find out why, let's first introduce the brand Alfa Laval Chinese plate heat exchanger. The Swedish company predecessor was established in the 1880 s, the company was founded in the early of market positioning, it found that: heat transfer, separation and fluid handling three technologies almost apply to industrial companies from all walks of life, to focus on these three technology research and development of technology has become a Alfa Laval company is one of the most important besides sales department.

With the rapid development of more than 100 years in the right direction, Alfa Laval has left the manufacturers in the same industry far behind, let alone domestic heat exchanger manufacturers. Therefore, when customers are looking for solutions, they always consider Alfa Laval's products first. A higher price is acceptable, but is there really no company similar to Alfa Laval in China? If you want to find the same model as Alfa Laval, good quality and low price, how to find?First of all, in the calculation and selection process, whether the selection software used is the original selection software of Alfa Laval and GEA or whether the engineer carries out the selection and quotation? How many years of industry experience does the engineer have?

A good engineer can select the model by experience after understanding the working conditions, and the selection software is used to verify the engineer's solution, in fact, the human brain is more flexible than the software. Second, is the raw material used the same as Alfa Laval? Production process, quality testing system using European standards or national standards? What is the experience of operators of precision instruments and moulds in the workshop and how often should they be trained? What is the factory standard? Finally, does the company have a technology R&D team to update the technology?

Alfa Laval Chinese plate heat exchanger

Alfa Laval Chines plate heat exchanger

Ruipute has exported its products to foreign countries for 13 consecutive years, and its production process and quality testing system have adopted European standards.The single testing link has been used for more than 3 times in the whole production line. The strict ex-factory testing link makes the service life of the heat exchanger longer. In the selection and quotation link, the company's engineers with more than ten years of experience in the industry cooperate with the selection software of the original Alfa Laval factory to put forward the optimal solution. The company has a production R&D team with nearly 20 years of experience in technology research and development to ensure that the technology update is consistent with Alfa Laval, and regularly train the operators and employees with certificates. Adhere to the above three aspects, but also worry about finding Alfa Laval products of the same quality?

1. Original selection software, engineer experience , software combination selection2. Strict quality testing system: raw materials, multiple testing links, operating workers' experience3. R&d team and technical update

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