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As for the price of plate heat exchanger, you should consider these factors

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As for the price of plate heat exchanger, you should consider these factors
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With the development trend of social development and the development of intelligent industrial production, more and more companies will use plate heat exchange equipment. The price of plate heat exchanger has become a special concern for companies when they buy it. It is not immutable. The costs of the same goods are different at different times and different addresses. So what are the factors that affect the change?

price of plate heat exchanger

For a plate heat exchange equipment, whether it is plate, sealing gasket or frame, the raw material is the first aspect to be seen. Take plate as an example, the thickness, trace elements and flatness of plate are different. But if the quality is very good, but the price is very expensive, and the "cost performance" mentioned by cheap market sales makes you choose one from the other. Which one can you choose? When selecting the design scheme, do you find that the total heat transfer area given by different manufacturers varies greatly under the same working conditions? In order to get a better price, some manufacturers lied about the total heat transfer area. Originally, 10 square meters and 10 plates could handle things, they had to take 15 square meters and 20 plates. The price is high and it is a waste of money. Also, what kind of mobile phone software is used in the selection? Is it a technical engineer? How many years of design and work experience? This is all due to the price difference of plate heat exchanger. In terms of manufacturing technology, many people only pay attention to the quality of the plate and gasket. What about the frame? I don't care. The frame is used to install plates and gasket, which is of great practical significance. It is not only its net weight, but also its bearing force. Until it is necessary to dismantle the equipment for maintenance and then assemble, we can know how much strength the frame made by CNC machine tool is saved.

As for the price of plate heat exchanger, the real manufacturer can't give you an immediate quotation. You must show the main parameters of the actual operation of the production line. If you have these requirements, you are warmly welcomed to visit and consult Qingdao ruipute heat exchange equipment manufacturing Co., Ltd.

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