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The principle of plate heat exchanger of HVAC

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The principle of plate heat exchanger of HVAC
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Now, the high-rise buildings have equipment layer. What can not be avoided is HVAC equipment layer. Just like there is an area in the community where the heating equipment is discharged, the equipment layer of high-rise buildings can not be less than the plate heat exchanger of HVAC.

The central air conditioning system, high-rise building pressure barrier, heat pump system, domestic hot water supply, pool water heating and other heat transfer links need the participation of the plate heat exchanger of HVAC. The sealing gasket of rubber material is used between the plate and the plate to form a channel. The hot medium and cold medium are respectively on both sides of the channel. The two media are heat exchange through the runner on the plate, and different materials of plate and rubber gasket are used in accordance with different working conditions to meet the requirements of heat exchange.

plate heat exchanger of HVAC

For example, domestic hot water supply: the requirement is safe supply, continuous and convenient to use. The service temperature of domestic hot water is between 25-60 ?, which belongs to the low temperature heat energy utilization. Plate heat exchanger has good heat transfer performance, and has replaced traditional container heating system in domestic hot water heat exchange system. plate heat exchanger of HVAC covers a smaller area, is more energy-saving and environmental protection, safe and reliable, and more economical in investment.

Pool water heating: in order to keep the water clean, it is necessary to pump out the water for filtration, disinfection and sterilization. And the water should be returned to the pool. In this link, the existence of heat exchanger is to balance the lack of heat in the swimming pool water.

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