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Plate configuration of plate heat exchanger

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Plate configuration of plate heat exchanger
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Plate heat exchanger has a wide range of applications, and the specific working conditions determine its process plate configuration of plate heat exchanger, mainly including single process and multi process configuration. The specific configuration should be determined according to the actual working conditions, so what is the stress of the plate configuration of plate heat exchanger in single process and multi process design?

The application scope of plate heat exchanger can be divided into several major categories, mainly in HVAC and refrigeration industry, petrochemical and natural gas industry, beer and beverage industry, paper industry, pharmaceutical industry, power generation industry. The use of plate heat exchanger in each industry is different, that is, single process and multi process.

Plate configuration of plate heat exchanger

The plate heat exchanger is composed of a group of corrugated metal plates, all of which are equipped with interface holes for the inflow and outflow of fluids with different temperatures on both sides. Heat transfer occurs between the two media through the heat exchange plate. The heat exchange plate is assembled between the fixed plate and the movable plate, and is compressed by the tightening bolts. A sealing gasket is attached on the plate, which can seal the channels between the plates and make the liquid flow into the adjacent channels.  Plate configuration of plate heat exchanger causes medium turbulence and the supporting plate bears differential pressure.

In the single process configuration, there are only two plates without heat transfer, namely the head plate and the tail plate. A blind plate is attached to the last side of the single process, which is the plate with four corner holes sealed to prevent the medium from contacting with the clamping plate.

Multi process configurations can be created through the use of steering plates with non perforated ports. This is mainly to change the flow direction of one or two fluids. The multi process can be used in the process with long heating time due to slow heating medium requirement. Four ports are configured on both sides. For example, in the dual process plate heat exchanger configuration, there are three plates without heat transfer.

The configuration of single process and multi process of plate heat exchanger is realized by  the plate configuration of plate heat exchanger. Different working conditions are designed for different working conditions, which can reduce the cost as much as possible.

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