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The plate heat exchanger frame produced by this factory has so many advantages!

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The plate heat exchanger frame produced by this factory has so many advantages!
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In addition to plates and rubber strips, the core component of a plate heat exchanger is another frame. The quality of the frame also affects the stability of the quality of the plate heat exchanger.


The advantages of the plate heat exchanger frame produced by Qingdao Ruipute plate heat exchanger are mainly reflected in the following aspects:


1. The frame adopts a five-point positioning system, which is convenient for the installation of the plates. It is easy to ensure the accurate positioning of the plates from both horizontal and vertical directions, to avoid leakage caused by inaccurate positioning, and to ensure even inexperienced maintenance personnel It is also easy to disassemble and install the plates on site.PHE frame


2. In order to avoid the electrochemical corrosion of the plate (stainless steel) and the guide rod (carbon steel), use our company's patented technology-special suspension structure: the contact part of the plate and the guide rod is stainless steel Materials to extend the life of the plates.


3. All the connections of the frame are screw connections, which are convenient for disassembly and maintenance.


4. The compression bolt is provided with a stop pad to prevent loosening due to vibration during transportation or operation, and it is easy to disassemble and install.


plate and frame heat exchanger5. After the shot blasting of the frame board, spray three times of primer, three times of topcoat and one time of varnish. The paint has strong adhesion, thin and even paint, which can keep the equipment beautiful and non-rusting for a long time.


6. The company's frames are mass produced and the cost is reduced, which makes our company's plate heat exchanger prices very competitive.


The above are all the benefits of Qingdao Ripter plate heat exchanger frame. When we design and produce a product, we always pay attention to details and quality, which also makes our heat exchanger products as stable as ever.

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