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Boiler supporting plate heat exchanger, how much do you know

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Boiler supporting plate heat exchanger, how much do you know
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Boiler plate heat exchanger is a new type of high-efficiency heat exchanger with a certain corrugated shape of metal plates stacked together, which plays a great role in promoting environmental protection and energy saving, and is an environmentally friendly energy-saving and emission reduction equipment.

Boiler supporting plate heat exchanger is a thin rectangular narrow channel formed between each plate, heat exchange through the plate, with compact structure, easy operation and maintenance, high heat transfer efficiency. In the use of hot water boiler conditions, it is generally installed at the end of the production line for use in order to recover the steam condensate discharged from the boiler. Its value is to recover the heat of steam condensate to heat ordinary make-up water, make boiler make-up water temperature higher than normal, shorten the time required for water to reach boiling point to produce gas, and reduce the fuel consumption required for raw make-up water.

Boiler supporting plate heat exchanger

Boiler supporting plate heat exchanger can be used in chemical, light industry, food, textile, rubber, metallurgy, electric power, machinery and other industries and catering, shopping malls, hotels, office buildings, civil buildings and other systems that use steam as a heat source for production, heating, air conditioning, domestic hot water, etc. Qingdao Reapter is a professional manufacturer of heat exchange equipment, to provide reasonable design solutions, accurate calculation of parameters, will be able to achieve the desired effect you expect.

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