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Commonly used plate heat exchanger materials have these, how much do you know?

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Commonly used plate heat exchanger materials have these, how much do you know?
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In order to understand the materials used in common plate heat exchangers, it is necessary to understand their construction, because it is the optimal combination of these components that makes them The material of the whole machine is the material of each component. Choose the right material for the entire workflow plays an important role in the smooth progress.


small temperature difference heat exchangerPlate heat exchanger material from the construction, generally including the overall frame, heat transfer plate, heat transfer gasket, guide rod, bolts and ground, the heat exchanger is a heat exchanger. Feet. The frame is generally made of stainless steel and carbon steel Q235, the bushings can be 316 stainless steel, the bolts are generally 45 gauge steel, the feet The material used is carbon steel.


The two main components of the plate heat exchanger heat exchanger plate and gasket, heat exchanger plate material variety, mainly 304 Stainless steel 304L stainless steel, 316 stainless steel, 316L stainless steel, and other special materials such as titanium, titanium palladium. Hastelloy, Nickel Plate 201, 254SMO and more. According to the use of different media to determine the use of heat exchanger plate material.


The material of the gasket is also diversified, according to different temperatures and different media conditions, the material is mainly nitrile rubber NBR, EPDM, and fluoroelastomer VITON / FKM, hydrogenated nitrile rubber HNBR and so on, these materials can be different when choosing the characteristics of different conditions.


Commonly used plate heat exchanger material is probably the above, does not exclude the use of other materials, because different conditions involving the use of different media and the use of temperature, the choice of materials will be different, so a full understanding of their use of the conditions will be a great help to the choice of equipment materials.

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