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Double-wall plate heat exchanger can ensure safe heat exchange equipment without cross contamination

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Double-wall plate heat exchanger can ensure safe heat exchange equipment without cross contamination
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The reason why it is safe is because the naming rules of this plate type are straightforward. Two plates are welded together and used as one plate, which is called a double-wall plate heat exchanger. 
Whether it is corrosive media such as sulfuric acid and nitric acid, or emulsion cooling, suspension heating, plasma heating, citric acid heating, infusion cooling, gas condensation, fermentation liquid cooling and vitamin processes; the two media go through different channels, even if 
In the case of leakage, it will not mix with each other. The structure ensures a high level of safety. This is also the key point for customers to choose this double-walled plate heat exchanger, which can ensure safety and no cross-contamination 

In the industrial production process, some media must be kept highly clean. For this reason, people rack their brains and try to take various measures to avoid media mixing, but the effect is often not satisfactory. 
This problem was not properly solved until the appearance of this equipment, and the convenience brought to people has been proven in practice in various fields. 
The advancement of heat exchange equipment technology will greatly change the status quo of production and life, because it is the first productive force.

Double-wall plate heat exchanger

After more than ten years of continuous R&D and production by RPT, the double-walled plate heat exchanger has been integrated with the actual situation of the domestic production industry, and customers who come to customize are also in an endless stream. Qingdao Rapte double-walled plate heat exchanger 
, To avoid the mixing of the two materials during use, the leakage of the medium can be visually monitored, and the equipment operation does not require pressure adjustment. 
The plates can be 304, 316L, Ti, Ni, C276, etc., to meet different working conditions of different media.

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