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No matter how many years change, we always adhere to the original intention of plate heat exchangers manufacturing

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No matter how many years change, we always adhere to the original intention of plate heat exchangers manufacturing
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A few days ago standing on a "wave" refresh circle of friends in wechat on Bilibili, in fact, we are feeling the new generation of strong momentum, many enterprises are also looking for a new way out.
Vietnam is poised to replace China as the world's factory floor, and traditional manufacturing firms don't seem as popular at home as they used to be, especially in the 21st century, when new technology is on the rise. It seems that this generation of factories is facing a particularly difficult situation.
If we observe the data, we will know that the manufacturing industry is the lifeblood of a country. Even though the service industry and real estate industry account for an increasing proportion, China's manufacturing industry at least accounts for one third of the total. Then how did Rupert manage to survive under the great cleansing of the manufacturing industry?
Mass is the root bone
       Products of high quality, longer life, more durable, enterprises can be more long-term standing.I remember a story about POTS from Germany and Japan. The Japanese made POTS only last 20 years, while the German ones last 100 years. Some people think the Japanese are chicken thieves.However, according to the data, for decades, more than 100 million were made in Germany, not Japan. As the product manager said, there are nearly 8 billion people in the world, and we still have more than 7 billion market.

plate heat exchangers manufacturing

In the heat exchanger industry, the product life is not even several years, but under certain working conditions, the life of Rupert heat exchanger can be as long as ten years!
2. Innovation is the lifeblood
Our team of engineers, not only for the severe conditions of selection, they also have a more important task - innovation.For example, the following heat exchanger, at first glance, looks no different, but in fact, this is a negative pressure system heat exchanger, compared to the ordinary heat exchanger, higher requirements for sealing!The customer has always used the evaporator before, so the equipment purchase cost will be greatly reduced by changing this type.
Service is flesh and blood
The selling of products is just the beginning, and the subsequent cleaning and replacement of accessories will take a long time. Our professional technicians can provide the above services to our customers, 24/7 online and at any time.

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