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When purchasing plastic plate heat exchanger gaskets, you will lose when you only focus on prices.

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When purchasing plastic plate heat exchanger gaskets, you will lose when you only focus on prices.
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When purchasing plastic plate heat exchanger gaskets, you will lose when you only focus on prices. 

Made in China has two meanings, one is to praise the quality of things made in China, and the other is what brand of Chinese people can restore one by one, but the quality is unknown.

When Chinese people buy things, the first thing they compare is the price, because when purchasing, the company’s budget will always be lower, and maybe only mid-range quality products can be purchased; excellent purchasers will ask why when comparing prices 

Your price is much higher than other homes? 

plate heat exchanger gaskets

The last article said that the role of the rubber strip is to seal, resist corrosion, and its service life will directly affect the overall service life of the heat exchanger; in addition to the difference in the raw materials of the rubber strip, the next step to produce the difference 
It is the production process, production process standards, and the operating level of technical personnel.

Machine: The vulcanizer is customized from the brand manufacturer according to Gislav's production standards; molds; operators

First of all, the vulcanizing machine should be comparable to the international rubber strip manufacturer Gislawe. Of course, the machine is customized from Gislawe to lay the foundation for making good rubber strips. Secondly, when Gislawe entered China, it used 
Jinfan Mould Manufacturing Company customized for them. Using the company’s moulds, the production process of the rubber strips can be kept in line with the international level. After these basic equipment are reached, the R&D operators are very important; a good horse is equipped. 
Saddle, with good equipment and good molds, must be operated by professional technicians to ensure the standard operation process.

After vulcanization, the rubber strip has changed the inherent defects of low strength, low elasticity, cold hard and hot sticking, easy aging, etc., and the wear resistance, swelling resistance, heat resistance, etc. have been significantly improved, and the suitable medium is different according to different working conditions. 
The vulcanization process is also different. 
Qingdao RPT applies the above production links in practice, and has signed heat exchanger supply contracts with foreign brand companies for 13 consecutive years. The production process of rubber strips is consistent with that of Gislavie. The technicians have more than 10 years of production practice and technology. 
Technology research and development experience, production technology and international Alfa Laval upgrade simultaneously, customer satisfaction reaches 100%! 
Only after using it did I know that the money was spent in the right place. 
In the heat exchanger industry where the quality of the production process is uneven, after reading the explanation of the production process, can you be sure that the quality and the price are proportional? 
Next time you purchase, you must first understand the production and processing process of the rubber strip, and then talk about the price. In the next chapter, we will talk about the pits you have stepped on in the purchase of plates.

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