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Marine aquaculture plate heat exchangers have many functions, and people around this area are using them

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Marine aquaculture plate heat exchangers have many functions, and people around this area are using them
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Seawater aquaculture plate heat exchangers are very necessary for fry breeding in winter. 
As early as a few months ago, the Jimo Ecological Environment Branch worked with relevant towns and streets and relevant departments to carry out special cleaning and rectification of small coal-fired boilers built for coastal aquaculture. 
Because the soot and exhaust gas produced by the combustion of traditional small coal-fired boilers have a great impact on the surrounding air quality. 
In order to solve this problem, many users began to look around for solutions.

Since seafood is suitable for growing in a warm environment, boilers are widely used by local farmers in coastal aquaculture in winter. 
But it also has a bad impact on the environment. 
Recently, Lao Wang found us to be very bitter. Seeing that winter is approaching, he is also actively looking for a solution to the problem. 
In fact, in addition to coal, it can be replaced with clean fuels such as oil, gas, electricity, and biomass. 
The use of plate heat exchangers for mariculture can achieve the effects of energy saving, high efficiency, safety and environmental protection. 
The hot water from the boiler is used to heat the sea water, the return water then enters the boiler, and so on. 
After the temperature rises, energy can be saved even more. 
Maintaining a constant temperature is conducive to promoting the stable progress of mariculture.

Marine aquaculture plate heat exchangers

The plate heat exchanger for mariculture is the promotion equipment for the coal-burning change of coastal aquaculture in Jimo District. A long time ago, a lot of sea cucumber fry culture was used, and the operation effect was stable. 
However, the specific installation and usage methods have also been updated and upgraded during the discussion with customers. 
Don't choose blindly, we have more choices and solutions.

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