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The rapid increase in freight costs does not affect the export of plate heat exchangers, and the demand is the last word

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The rapid increase in freight costs does not affect the export of plate heat exchangers, and the demand is the last word
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Affected by the global epidemic, the volume of containers exported from China is slowly increasing, while the volume of containers imported from abroad to China is declining, leading to the situation of empty return ships and loss of load by shipping companies. 
Many shipping companies have informed customers that it may take some time to restore balance. 
With the fierce counterattack against the epidemic in Europe and the United States, the aging price of air and sea freight will change greatly at any time, and the price of the US line is updated frequently! 

This is really bad news for customers who have ordered our export products of plate heat exchangers.

At present, we have figured out ways to reduce the negative impact of freight by looking for various channels. 
It's not too worry-free! 
Fortunately, the plate heat exchanger equipment makes people worry-free! 
Why do you say that? 
Isn't it just a device! 
That's right, it seems to be a piece of equipment, but in fact it is scientifically designed and crafted in it. 
Our team of engineers with more than 20 years of work experience has a very rich understanding of operating conditions, and scientifically designed plates, through reasonable configuration, can increase the heat exchange efficiency to a certain height, and the economic cost is small. 

To achieve the ultimate price-performance ratio, this is what people think-spend a small amount of money to do big things. 

plate heat exchanger export

Cheap is not enough, it has to be easy to use and run stably. 
If you guarantee a high-precision plate, a rubber strip that meets the national standard, and a well-loaded frame, there is basically no problem with the product.

We cannot control the sudden increase in shipping costs. At present, what we can do is to maintain the consistent quality of the plate heat exchange export equipment. 
We also understand the impact of changes in shipping, customers are not prepared enough to invest too much. 
It doesn't matter, let's wait together and wait for this burst to pass. 
The good things will come as they meet, if they don’t, it’s just a matter of time.

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