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The repairer will never tell you that replacing Qingdao plate heat exchangers is much easier than cleaning

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The repairer will never tell you that replacing Qingdao plate heat exchangers is much easier than cleaning
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The use of plate heat exchangers has a limited number of years. The actual use time of Qingdao RPT has been known for 12 years, and it is basically about to catch up with the age of building a factory. 
But this kind of plate exchange also faces problems. In fact, the heat exchanger can be used for this time, and basically it should be replaced.

Imagination is always the best, because it does not conform to reality. 
The reality of plate heat exchangers is that it takes less than 10 years for everyone to face various problems, such as water leakage, poor heat exchange effects, such as corrosion, and liquid leakage. 

The causes of various problems are quality and use. In short, it is not worrying.

heating plate heat exchanger

But what is even less worrying is that once there is a problem with a plate heat exchanger that has been used for a long time, do you choose to clean it and repair it or replace it with a new one? 
Let me talk about cleaning and maintenance first. 
If the heat exchange efficiency is low, and the flow rate has changed, it is better to take apart the plates and clean them, or clean them online. 
If there is corrosion or liquid leakage, there is a problem with the plate or the adhesive strip. If the root cause of the problem can be found, it is okay. If you can't find it, it will be very troublesome.

However, what is even more troublesome is that there is no problem with the sheet rubber strip, but it leaks no matter how it is installed, and the original beauty cannot be restored. 
Anything will change over time, and the plate heat exchanger is no exception. It is normal for the frame, guide rods and bolts to be deformed due to the presence of pressure. It is difficult to assemble it without a professional plate heat exchanger technician. 
Not to mention how much labor is required.

Qingdao RPT provides you with a free design and selection of preferential solutions for plate heat exchanger replacement in Qingdao area. If your plate replacement effect is not good or it takes a long time, you must come to us for stable quality and caring 
The after-sales service will definitely save you money and worry.

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