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Cleaning method of special plate heat exchanger for heating

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Cleaning method of special plate heat exchanger for heating
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At present, heat exchangers have been widely used in heating industry systems; however, during their use, due to poor water quality in the system, the plates of the plate heat exchanger fouled, so that the efficiency of heat exchangers decreased, affecting the supply 

Thermal effect; therefore, choosing a reasonable cleaning method can effectively improve the heat exchange efficiency and extend the service life of the heat exchanger.

RPT takes you to understand several ways to clean the heat exchanger: the disassembly cleaning technology is the most common method, the cleaning technology is relatively simple, the cleaning effect is intuitive, but the clamping size needs to be re-adjusted during the assembly process, and the clamp is adjusted. 

heating plate heat exchanger

Tight size; secondly, use a chemical cleaning agent for cleaning. The chemical cleaning agent can effectively help dissolve the scale that destroys the scale, so that the scale can fall off and achieve the cleaning effect.

Qingdao RPT has been specialized in the production of heat exchange equipment for more than ten years, and has a senior technical team. According to your working conditions, use the selection software to select the appropriate heat exchange equipment. RPT looks forward to your cooperation!

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