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Methods to prevent corrosion of heat exchanger

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Methods to prevent corrosion of heat exchanger
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Heat exchanger can play the role of heat exchange, so as to adjust the temperature. It is widely used in various fields. After a period of use, corrosion problems often occur. It is more important to prevent the corrosion of heat exchanger than to take measures. How to prevent it?

prevent corrosion of heat exchanger

1. At the same time, start two heat exchangers to increase the absorption dose, reduce the temperature of diesel tower to a lower level, assuming that it is 32 ?, and the recovery can be increased by 20okg / h through simulation calculation. However, the area of the second stage heat exchanger needs to be increased by 30 / 4H.

2. Increase the pressure of the heat exchanger, increase the absorption pressure in the tower, so as to improve the absorption rate.

3. Using water as the fluid force of the heat exchanger can save the amount of diesel oil circulation, and improve the separation capacity of the liquid separation tank through transformation, so that the water and diesel oil can be completely separated.

In short, when the heat exchanger equipment stops running, the above measures can be taken to prevent the corrosion of the heat exchanger. First, try to reduce the absorption temperature of diesel oil, so as to improve the absorption efficiency, reduce the possibility of equipment corrosion, and carry out regular maintenance.

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