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Professional people do professional things, import quality plate heat exchangers to professional manufacturers

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Professional people do professional things, import quality plate heat exchangers to professional manufacturers
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What is a profession? When recruiting, one person has done the same job for more than ten years. I think I will choose the former. If you want to import quality plate heat exchangers, you should choose the heat exchanger 
, A person with only one year of experience, only one year of skilled worker and twenty years of engineer experience, whose choice is more reliable?

Customers who come to us to choose models must not only find us, but eventually various problems will arise. 
A common question is: Why is your price higher than others? 
I feel that other people choose relatively small ones and can do this kind of work. 
Why do you choose a larger model for us? 
So is the number of boards?

 import quality plate heat exchangers

Imported quality plate heat exchanger manufacturer RPT

Since the laser welding is located outside the groove of the annular rubber ring, a semi-welded heat exchanger can be used as an example to ensure a long-term seal between the two welding channels, so it is suitable for refrigeration, chemical industry and various industrial applications. 
Used for liquids and gases that are incompatible with general rubber strips or with higher pressure 
Commonly used in refrigeration applications such as evaporating, condensing ammonia, and carbon dioxide. 
Why does the equipment produced by Qingdao semi-welded plate heat exchanger manufacturer Reputer have reliable operation, high heat exchange efficiency and easy maintenance!

First, we can press herringbone corrugated plates with different depths, different angles, and different layouts. The arc diversion area and the chocolate diversion area are two effective design functions to ensure the uniform distribution of the fluid on the plates and make the entire heat transfer 
The surface is fully utilized, and the stagnant area on the structure is avoided. The turbulence formed between the plates can provide a high heat transfer coefficient. Our engineers have more than 20 years of industrial design experience and can design and select the right one for you 

Second, the laser welding process used by our company, coupled with our company's more than ten years of operating experience, has completely broken through the problem of plate deformation and ensured the sealing of the heat exchanger, which is not achieved by many manufacturers in terms of production technology. 
Yes, in the installation, the installation method of five-point verification ensures the accuracy of the installation position.

For plate heat exchangers with complex production processes and strict working conditions, from design to production, we have been carefully designed and selected. At the same time, customers who need semi-welded plate heat exchangers are welcome to visit the factory. We must 
Will not let you down.

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